Edwardian Style 3-Letter Monogram Hemstitched Lingerie Bag Project

Hemstitched Lingerie Bag Project
Here's a lovely project with Hem-Stitched Lingerie Bag. The triangular top closure is adorned with 3-letter monogram, positioned inside a beautiful Edwardian-style monogram frame.

  • Both this frame design, and the complete font for making ANY 3-letter monogram in this style, are available within this monogram font ->

  • While a similar blank lingerie bag may be obtained here ->

    Since the bag closure can't be hooped the regular way, a 2-layer piece of water soluble backing was hooped instead, and the bag just positioned over it.

    Hem-Stitched Lingerie Bag paroject

    Wonderful item for making a lady-gift! Fast and beautiful.

    P.S. This project was kindly provided by Bobbi Berry.


  • Edwardian 3-L Monogram Font
    Includes monogram-style initials in 3 different angle versions & 2 monogram frames
    Hemstitched Lingerie Bag
    55% linen, 45% cotton. White.
    Water Soluble Backing
    Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs
    20% OFF!
    Water Erasable Marker
    Wash with water to remove the pen lines