Baptizing Set - a Dress, Cap & Purse with Roses Embroidery Designs

To make similar project, you'll need to have the following supplies in stash:

This festive antique-white set was made for baptism ceremony of a little girl called Sasha.Unfortunately the baby wasn't excited about the ceremony, and refused to be a super-model that time. But you may take a look at the beautiful dress separately.

As you may see, there's a dress, a cap and a little purse in form of heart. All three items have been embroidered with roses.
The bottom layer of the dress is made from quite thick satin cotton. The rose embroideries on dress bottom also outline the shape of top translucent drapery layer. The design used for this was the half-round wreath from Roses Set #5.

The cap features the same half-wreath embroidery, while the little purse is decorated with "Lacy Heart" design from Heirloom embroidery designs set.

And here's a photo of the dress:



Roses Allure Set
31 cross stitch designs. Hoop size: 14 counts - 6"x10", 16 counts - 5" x 7"
Old-fashioned Charm XS Alphabet
Set includes all capital letters.
Single Letters Available