Monogrammed bath towel with Romantic Treasure Initial

Photo of this beautiful bath towel has been emailed to us by Bobbie from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you so much!

To decorate this towel, Bobbie used Romantic Treasure Initials font. Scroll down to see step by step photos.



Basic steps:

1. Hoop cutaway backing (without the towel).

2. Spray a decent amount of temporary adhesive spray on hooped cutaway, then stick your towel over it. Be sure to align it properly.

3. Place a piece of water soluble topping over the towel, to prevent design stitches from sinking into the terry cloth.

4. Embroider a design. Cut away backing edges, and wash away the water soluble topping.

Click here to navigate to Romantic Treasures alphabet used in this project.


Romantic Treasure Font
Includes 26 capitals letters.
Single Letters Available
Victoriana Font
Includes 26 capitals letters.