Satin Bed Caddy Monogrammed with Castle Embroidery Font

Photos and instructions for this lovely bed caddy have been provided by Bobbie Berry from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you for the original project!

The caddy is made of baby blue and baby pink color silk. The back portion is slant quilted and has two separate layers of pockets for glasses, remote control, magazine, etc. The caddy was monogrammed with 3 letters from Castle alphabet, embroidered in light blue and white thread colors. Scroll down to see close-up photos, and read instructions for this project:


Instructions for making this bed caddie:

Cut 2 pcs fabric 17" x 17"
Cut one pc fabric 18" x 17"
Cut one pc fabric 16" x 17"
Cut one pc thin batting 17" x 17"
Cut one pc thin batting 9" x 17"
Cut one pc thin batting 8" x 17"

Embroider monogram on the 16" x 17" pc of fabric. To find monogram placement, fold fabric in half and crease, this will be the top of this pocket section. Now measure half way down the piece of fabric and mark the center point, this will be the center of your monogram placement.

Stitch the monogram on the lower half of the fabric. Fold in half and sandwich the batting inbetween. Sew around the edges and bottom. Set aside.


Next fold in half the 18" x 17" piece of fabric (wrong sides together and sandwich the 9" x 17" piece of batting between. Sew around the sides and bottom. Set aside.

Next mark the slanting lines to be quilted on one piece of the 17" x 17" piece of fabric. Layer the two pieces of fabric with the batting in between and pin along the slanted lines. Stitch along each of the slanted lines, starting with the line that is most centered on the fabric, then alternate sides as you stitch each slanting line.


Pin the center piece to the back piece matching sides and bottom and stitch sides and bottom. Measure equal distances for the pocket compartments and stitch them top to bottom.


Stitch front (8" x 17" pc) on top of the other two matching sides and bottom. Make seambinding out of left over fabric and bind all edges. Make two fabric loops and stitch to back side at each of the top corners. Finished.




1. If you want to use more than one letter to make a monogram, like in this project, you may want to align and join them into a single file using your embroidery software. It's easier than aligning each one separately using the paper template method. So if you manage to keep within your largest hoop - go for it. To learn joining designs in embroidery software, click here...

2. If your fabric pieces are too small, too delicate, too slippery or too fat for hooping, you may hoop only a piece of cutaway backing, spray temporary adhesive spray on it, then stick the fabric in appropriate spot and embroider whatever you need to embroider.