Huge bed-cover quilt & matching headboard

Photos of this beautiful bed-cover quilt and a matching headboard have been emailed to us by Karen Huntley. Karen, thank you so much for kindly allowing us to showcase this impressive project!!!

Huge bed-cover quilt & matching headboard

The quilt is 115" x 115" square, to fit a king bed. Real huge!

The white squares are decorated with tulip appliques from Pastel Applique Tulips set, and surrounded by cherry and Christmas-green colored quilting elements.

Bed-cover quilt
Bed-cover quilt


Required supplies:
  • Cotton tear-away backing
  • Durable, laundry-safe polyester thread
  • Applique Pastel Tulips Set
  • Designer fabric (cotton)
  • Lining fabric (cotton)
  • Batting

  • Pastel Tulips
    7 Applique tulips designs. 5x7 inch hoops required. Detailed applique instructions are included.
    Polyester Thread
    Cotton Tear-Away Stabilizer
    For relatively stable types of fabric. 24" width roll