3-D Pancy and Beaded Fringe Pillow

Beaded Fringe Pillow
The front side of this dark purple pillow features a large 3-Dimensional pansy on a lacy floral background, trimmed with some purple beaded fringe, and a butterfly embroidery from Butterfly Lace Medallions set.

FBeaded Fringe Pillow

The butterfly was embroidered first, and then the other stuff was added, and the pillow assembled:

3-D Pancy and Beaded Fringe Pillow


- In our Butterfly Lace Medallions designs set, this butterfly comes on a lacy background. If you want to stitch only the butterfly, without anything else, like Bobbie did just skip the first thread colors, ones that stitch the background. Have fun!


Butterfly Lace Medallions
6 standalone lace medallions with colorful butterflies. Suitable for 4x4-inch hoops.
Metallic Thread