Christmas Quilts Set and Greeting Cards!

This gorgeous set of traditional Christmas quilts in red & green colors was contributed by Charlotte Kleiner. Charlotte, thank you so much, it's awesome!

The small wall hanging was for a Christmas party gift exchange - one with the 4 blocks - each 4 1/2 inches square finished and then borders. The medium one is with 6 blocks, and the largest one is with 15 squares. It's all designer cotton and batting, decorated with Christmas Gold designs. The top corners are decorated with thin silk ribbons in matching color, and the designs are embroidered in metallic thread (golden color). These designs have been digitized especially for use with metallic thread, and look great with it.

Charlotte also made a lovely add-on with these same designs - embroidered greetings. You'll see their photo below, and here are some instructions showing how to embroider on paper.

Mini Christmas Quilt

Medium Christmas Quilt

Large Christmas Quilt

Christmas greetings, embroidered on paper

And here you may learn to embroid on paper, and see some more project ideas of greeting cards


Christmas Gold 4x4
26 monocolor Christmas designs 4x4-inch hoop. 1 size.
Christmas Ornaments
10 standalone lace Christmas ornaments set. 5"x7" hoop.