Bag for Cosmetic Brushes

Cosmetic Brushes Bag
This lovely cutwork-adorned envelope for cosmeticc brushes was created by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, many thanks for the lovely project!

Bobbie used two guest towels (a white and a mustard-colored one) to create the bag, and the central cut-work embroidery is from Cut-work Poppies designs set.

Items needed:
2 Guest towels, 1 white, 1 color
Thin ribbon to go through hemstitching
Ribbon for bow
Water-Soluble Stabilizer

Hoop white guest towel and WSS and stitch first set of stitches. Remove hoop and trim inside design without cutting WSS.

Return hoop to machine and continue stitching design. Remove from hoop. Trim away excess WSS and wash away remaining stabilizer under running water.

Hang to dry then press. Cut a 7 contrasting piece of guest towel from the top.

Cut the bottom hem off of the contrasting guest towel that will be used for lining. Also cut off the bottom hem of the white guest towel with the embroidery on it. Line up the small cut piece with the bottom part of the lining and pin.

Stitch sides and bottom. Lay cosmetic brushes across pocket adjusting them for placement.

Mark around brushes with disappearing ink pen or blue painters tape. Stitch around marking positions.

Pin front to back, right sides together, pin and stitch sides and bottom.

Turn right side out and press.

Run the narrow ribbon through hemstitching securing it on each end.

This closes the top. Make a bow and stitch to center front.


Opium Poppy Cutwork Flowers
2 cutwork designs for 5x7 inch hoop. Detailed instructions are included.
Guest Towels
Water Soluble Backing
Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs