Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow

Crazy-Quilt Pillow
This amazing crazy-quilting pillow was created by Bobbie Berry.

The pillow features a mix of Victorian Whitework, Butterfly Lace Medallions and Wild Roses design collections, to create an effect of fairy-tale garden. Bobbie used contrasting golden-yellow and violet silk fabric base, to create the mystic effect.

The designs were aligned together using Precise Design Positioning technique, which was explained in detail in an earlier tutorial. If you're new to the technique please explore it here.

And here is a photo of the ready pillow - together with some step-by-step photos, showing how the designs were assembled:

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow

As you may see, first of all Bobbie has put together the silk fabric base with the central part in golden yellow, and the sides in light violet. Then the heart design from Victorian Whitework was embroidered, and then the other designs followed, using Precise Design Positioning technique:

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 1

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 2

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 3

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 4

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 5

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 6


Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 8

Victorian Crazy-Quilt Pillow 9


- In our Lace Butterflies designs set, this butterfly comes on a lacy background. If you want to stitch only the butterfly, without anything else, like Bobbie did just skip the first thread colors, ones that stitch the background. Have fun!


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