Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Door Hanger
This cool door hanger was created by Bobbie Berry, and Bobbie has kindly provided some very detailed instructions for this project.

Bobbie used flowers and font from Winter Roses #2 designs set, as well as some initials from Medieval Accents font and lowercase letters from Rose Elegance font.

And here come Bobbie's instructions.

You may even contact the author, if any project-related questions pop up.

Items needed:
yd Ultra Suede or other fabric for center front
1 yd plaid or other fabric for back and banding
yd lining
Embroidery designs from Winter Roses #2, initials from Medieval Accents Font, and Rose Elegance Font for lower case letters

Plan the layout of designs You may want to use paper templates for this. Stitch designs.

Stitch side bands to front section and set aside.

On both back sections turn down 1 on horizontal width and press, then turn down another 1 and press stitch. This is hem for back opening.

Lay the two back sections next to the front section, overlapping the back sections until they are the same dimensions as the front section. Run a line of stitching vertically to secure the overlap.

Cut a piece of lining fabric the same dimensions as the front section. Pin to wrong side of front section. Stitch around the outer edge and handle as one piece.

For handle, cut a strip of fabric 3 x 20

Fold long outside edges to center then fold again in half, same as if you were making handle for a purse.

Stitch edges. Stitch handle to top front section.

Stitch front to back section, right sides together.

Turn right side out and press. Pin front to back and stitch where the center front joins the banding.

Insert sachet packet through back opening.

Hang on door handle.


Helpful dimensions:
Outside dimensions, 16 x 12 finished size
Center front dimensions 13 x 8 finished size
Banding is 1 wide finished size
Horizontal 12 1/4 and vertical 13/
Handle is 19 finished length
Just add 5/8 seam allowance all around for cutting dimensions.

Winter Roses 2
7 designs with winter roses flowers, in various project-oriented shapes. 5"x7" hoop.
Medieval Accents Font
Includes 78 Designs - all capitals, each letter in 3 sizes
Rose Elegance Font
Includes 62 designs - uppercase, lowercase & numerals.