Gift Bath Set with Country Sunshine Designs

This cute bath gift set was created by Natalia from Pennsylvania, for her sister in law's birthday.
Natalia used Country Sunshune embroidery designs set for this project. The set consists of large bath towel in electric blue, and two tiny bags for storing bath accessories and aromatic dyed flowers. Scroll down to see close-up photos, and read instructions for this project.






This bath set is very easy to do, and makes a beautiful gift. The embroidery is done on plain cotton fabric, using medium weight tearaway stabilizer. The fabric and towel had identical color so they look perfect together.

The ready embroideries have been sewn onto the towel, in form of pockets. This is a great idea, especially if you prefer not to deal with embroidering directly on fat, and therefore a hard to hoop towel. With "inserts" you also have more space for mistakes. If something goes wrong while you embroider, you may just start over this one insert. You don't have the entire project ruined.

The tiny bags have been trimmed with machine's built-in decorative stitches (the red border on top of the bags). These bags are great for storing arimatic dyed flowers and cotton wool, and can add a lot to your bathroom decor!

The two bags are sewn differently. The first one has round button and only one vertical seam on the back side. The second is sewn from two rectangle pieces of fabric.

To do the first bag (with round bottom), decide on the bottom size first. You may draw it from reverse side of your fabric, by outlining some kind of round kitchen tool - a cup, etc. Then, measure it's diameter (the largest distance between two dots on circle line). Multiply the diameter by 3.14, and you've got your circle's length. This also happens to be the width of fabric you'll need to cut for bag's sides. Bag height may vary. Cut the fabric out, leaving 1/2 inches from each side for seam allowance. Stitch around the fabric with a lightning or narrow zig-zag, to prevent pealing edges. Embroider the design, then fold one inch of fabric top to the reverse side, iron it and add the decorative stitches. Cut out the round buttom, stitch around it in similar way, then sew the back & sides together and close the last seam on the back of your bag. Fill it with dyed flowers, and close with beautiful ribbon on the top.

The second bag is even easier - it consists of 2 rectangle pieces of fabric - front and back. You repeat all the steps, and when the bag is sewn - turn it with reverse side out, and sew the edges, to give it "depth" and allow the bag stand on it's own. Catch the edges with single stitch to bag's buttom. This picture shows where the last 2 seams should be:

Click here to navigate to Country Sunshine designs set. By ordering it, you will get the designs used in this project, and many more beautiful country style designs!


1. For items like towels, that require frequent laundry, it's best to embroider with polyester thread. Don't use rayon with anything you're going to wash relatively often. Eventually it'll lose color. Polyester is MUCH better because of it's color fastness.

2. Some parts of designs in this project have been embroidered using metallic thread. It can't be seen that well on the photos, but the metallics add tremendously to the finished look, giving items a festive touch. You may also use metallics in some places. It really makes the difference.

3. Pockets can also be done with absolutely different fabric color, not like the towel. In some cases it may even be better to use different color, to achieve more contrast and make the pockets stand out.

4. If you prefer to embroider directly on towel, this requires some special things to consider. First of all - you will need some 2-3 layers of tearway stabilizer for backing, and water soluble topping film for preventing stitches from sinking into the towel fabric.