Stylish Heraldic Decor in "Goth & Rock Pub" Style

Stylish Heraldic Decor
Photos of this one-of-a-kind project was created and kindly sent to us by Gary Perkins from Gary, thank you for sharing a unique idea!!!

Gary manages a a big goth and rock pub, and he created these stylish accessories for a colleague. As you may see, these are pouffea, and couple of fringed cushions. They're made of artificial leather, and adorned with embroidery designs from our Heraldic Gold set. The designs have been embroidered in metallic thread:

Fringed cushions:

Stylish Heraldic Decor Fringed cushions

Puffea - side view:

Stylish Heraldic Decor Puffea - side

Puffea - top view:

Stylish Heraldic Decor Puffea - top


Heraldic Gold 5x7 hoop
23 monocolor Heraldic designs 5"x7" hoop.
Metallic Thread