Irish Magic Font for 5x7-inch hoops

Irish Magic Font 5x7
Irish Magic Font 5x7
Item# 001-2-AB-FN-IrishMagicFont-26

Irish Magic Font 5x7
This gorgeous initials font is in traditional Irish style. It features classic Celtic elements, which enhance it's character and distinctiveness. Great for MEN (as well as ladies)!

Wonderful for various Irish-style accessories, like St' Patrick's Day stuff.

The font includes all 26 capital letters and numbers, in 2 styles:

1. Applique (in 2 sizes, for 4x4 & 5x7-inch hoops)

2. Satin stitch (in 3 sizes for 4x4 hoops)

Symbols max. heights:

Applique large: 4.64"

Applique small: 3.32"

Satin stitch large: 2.15"

Satin stitch medium: 1.73"

Satin stitch small: 1.3"