Victorian Style Jewelry Bag

This lucrative project, together with instructions, was contributed by Jean Gyure from Atlantic Beach, NC. Jean, thank you so much, it's just great! Jean used designs from "Victorian Decor" set to decorate the bag, and two of the bags were monogrammed with letters from "Purple Fantasy" font. Here is one photo of one ready bag, and below you'll find more pictures, and detailed instruction.

Victorian Style Jewelry Bag - ready 1

Supplies List:
  • Fashion fabric - 1 yard
  • Wide elastic - 24 inches
  • Interfacing - 1 yard
  • Cording trim - 1 yard
  • Lining material - 1 yard
  • 16-inch zipper
  • Fleece batting - 1 yard
  • Narrow ribbon - 1 yard
  • Embroidery designs from "Victorian Decor" set and "Purple Fantasy" initials font.

  • Instruction: I want to express how delighted I am with the beautiful stitch-out of these designs. I found it very easy to combine designs for new looks. I accomplished this by using the change font color and zoom features of my embroidery digitizing software, the Palette, Ver. 2.

    Front of Bag: Cut a 20" x 13" rectangle of fashion fabric, interfacing, fleece and lining.

    Back of Bag: Cut a 13" x 13" rectangle of fashion fabric, interfacing, fleece and lining.

    Pocket: Cut a 22" x 9" rectangle of fashion fabric.

    Step 1: Stay stitch fashion fabric, interfacing, fusible fleece, and lining together on one end of each set, front and back of bag.

    Step 2: Begin by working on the back of the bag:

    Step 3: Prepare the boxed-pleated pockets: Fold the 22" x 9" fabric in half lengthwise.

    Step 4: Sew a < inch casing on the folded edge for the elastic.

    Step 5: Mark the raw edges of the pocket fabric for the box pleats. Come in from one end and make the first mark at 1 inch. The following marks will be the distance from the previous mark. Mark another at 1 inch, then 4 inch, then 1 inch, 1 inch again, 4 inch, then 1 inch, 1 inch and 4 inch, and the last mark at 1 inch. You will be folding = inch pleats.

    Step 6: Start on the left end and make a = inch pleat towards the left end by folding from the second inch mark to the first inch mark. Then fold next pleat towards the right, followed by a left pleat, then another right pleat followed by another left pleat and then the last pleat folded to the right.

    Step 7: Stay stitch close to unfinished edge of pocket to hold pleats in place, and press.

    Step 8: Use zipper foot to sew on the zipper. Sew pocket to the zipper, right sides together. When finished, press pocket to the right side, away from zipper, pressing zipper flat and pocket towards the top of the back of the bag.

    Step 9: Thread elastic through casing in pocket and gather to form 3 pockets.

    Step 10: Pull lining away from the back of the bag, open out flat, lay the pocket in place, and secure elastic on either end of pocket, sewing through just the fashion fabric, interfacing, and fleece. Be careful not to catch the lining material. Also sew the pocket down to the back of the bag, sewing between the box pleats, again not catching the lining.

    Victorian Style Jewelry Bag - step 10

    Step 11: Next, work on the front of the bag:

    Step 12: Place zipper face down on stay-stitched edge of the front of the bag, right sides together, and stitch in place.

    Victorian Style Jewelry Bag - step 10
    Victorian Style Jewelry Bag - step 10

    Step 13: Still on the front side of the bag, measure down 3 inches from the bottom of the closed zipper and make notches on both sides of bag at the 3 inch marks.

    Step 14: Fold the front edge of bag under at the notches, up towards the zipper.

    Step 15: Now the jewelry bag is folded in half, right sides facing out, and the linings facing inside. Even out the ends of the bag. Now is time to do your embroidering. I used Victorian Decor and Purple Fantasy. Pull back the lining from the front of the bag. Start embroidery at least 1 inch from top of bag (you will be cutting a curved edge on the t! op of the bag later).

    Step 16: After embroidering, lay bag flat and stay stitch the linings to both front and back of bag.

    Step 17: To form curve at top of bag, mark 1 inch down from top on both sides of front. Cut both ends in a curve to resemble a flap by starting at the 1 inch mark, cutting in and up to middle of fabric and back to opposite 1 inch mark (I cut a pattern first, before actually cutting the bag). Repeat on the back of the bag.

    Step 18: Sew cording on front of bag, between notches.

    Victorian Style Jewelry Bag - step 18

    Step 19: Center folded ribbon tie on the top of front of bag. With zipper partially opened for turning, fold bag, right sides together, and stitch completely around all open sides. Trim seams and turn to the right side through the open zipper.

    Here are the ready bags:

    Victorian Style Jewelry Bag - ready 2
    Victorian Style Jewelry Bag - ready 3