Shoulder Bag for 6" Kindle

Kindle Shoulder Bag
All photos and the complete instruction for creating this beatiful bag were kindly provided by Bobbie Berry, thank you so much!

The bag has an absolutely unique, fresh style, and the instructions are great!

- 1 yd canvas fabric 54" wide
- 1 yd fleece for padding inside the bag
- 1 yd lining 45" wide
- 3 each 9" zippers same color as canvas
- 2 each metal "D" rings to secure straps
- 62" of straps
- 2 yd binding (or enough to go around the bag)
- Black Cats 5x7 or Black Cats 8x8 embroidery designs
- Polyester embroidery thread
- Embroidery backing

1. Open and print sewing pattern for this bag.

2. Cut out all pieces of the pattern and arrange in order of stitching.

Cut out all pieces

3. Stitch one layer of fleece to the front sections and treat as one piece of the pattern.

Stitch one layer of fleece

4. Insert a 9" zipper in front vertical opening. Turn zipper section to back making a pleat. Topstitch as shown in photos.

Insert a 9


5. Stitch a piece of fleece to the back of this front section covering the entire piece (front, zipper and side section). This will form a pocket for the 6" Kindle.

6. Insert a 9" zipper in the front horizontal opening. Stitch pocket to zipper selvage edges in front horizontal opening. See photo. Top stitch a satin stitch line over previous stitching.

Insert a 9

Top stitch a satin stitch line

7. Stitch top front section to bottom front section.

Stitch top front section

8. Turn flap down (below zipper) and stitch keeping pocket out of the way.

Turn flap down

9. Stitch handle loops to of the top front section.

Stitch handle loops

10. Stitch a layer of fleece to back sections.

11. Stitch 9" zipper to back sections.

Stitch 9

12. Stitch a layer of fleece then layer of lining to cover entire back section right sides together. This now forms a large pocket the entire size of the bag.

13. Lay sections side by side. The back section should be longer than the front section. This extra length will become the bottom of the bag.

Lay sections side by side

14. Trim off excess length of zippers to be flush with the sides of the bag.

15. Stitch front to back, wrong sides together. Apply trim binding around perimeter of bag. Put strap through handle loop openings and secure with top stitching.

Stitch front to back

Put strap through handle loop

secure with top stitching


Kindle Shoulder Bag Finished

Kindle Shoulder Bag

Kindle Shoulder Bag 2

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