Kokopelli Fabric Bowl in Authentic Native American Style

Kokopelli Fabric Bowl
This stunning project was sent to us by Sapphire Espinoz.

It's a beautiful fabric bowl in Native American style, featuring the Turtle & Lizard, Kokopelli and Geometric borders designs from Native American Borders set.

As you can see, it's an authentic-style piece of home decor. Also quite an easy one to make - just follow Sapphire's instructions below:

Kokopelli Fabric Bowl in Authentic Native American Style

Required Supplies:

- Embroidery designs from Native American Borders set.
- Two 14-inch squares of heavy paper (to use as templates)
- Designer fabric #1 - for the inside of the bowl
- Designer fabric#2 - for the outside of the bowl. Can be the same color as “fabric #1”, or contrasting color.
- A piece of heavy weight InnerFuse (or other stiff interfacing, fusible on both sides)


Step #1: Take one square of template paper, and fold it in half, then in half again. Two sides of this smaller square will be folded edges and two will be loose edges. Measuring from the loose edge side, measure 3 inches up and mark the paper then across the lower edge (the unfolded edge) mark ¾ inch from the corner, repeat on the other side. Cut the paper using the two marks on either side as a guide. You will end up with a 14 inch square with a wedge, 1 ½ inches wide and 3 inches deep, cut out of the center of each side.

Step #2: Use the cut template to trace an outline on the right side of your design fabric for the inside of the bowl. Make sure to use a marking method that will remove easily.

Step #3: Embroider the designs so that they center in each of the 4 sides and in the bottom of the bowl. You can mark the centers of the bowl by making a big X starting in the corners of the square. Then make 4 lines where each of the notch lines meets the edge of the fabric. That will give you the center for each of the sides and the bottom.

Step #4: Once your designs are finished, use the uncut template to cut a piece of heavy weight InnerFuse, or other stiff interfacing that is fusible on both sides. Cut out your embroidered fabric, lining up your square carefully. Cut another piece of the same or a contrast fabric for the outside of the bowl. Create an interfacing sandwich with the right sides of your fabric facing out and, following manufacturer instructions fuse the pieces together well.

Step #5: Trim to neaten the edges and then cut the wedges out of each of the sides, straight through all three layers.

Step #6: Starting at the inside tip of the wedge, stitching toward the bowl rim, use a medium satin stitch or a zig-zag set to a short stitch length and an embroidery thread in the bobbin and in the needle to join the sides together. You will need to hold the two edges so that they are flush with one another, not overlapping or gaping, while you are stitching. Repeat the process to join the other wedges. Use a wide satin stitch to finish the edges of the bowl. You might need to go around the edge of the bowl more than once to create a finished edge.

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