Live Fully, Love Always, Laugh Much Quilts Set

Photos and instructions for this lovely quilts set have been emailed to us by Patty Gaugler. Patty, thank you so much for the cool project!And here are a few words from the author:

These three small wallhangings that can be put together, using three different alphabets. Back in the 1970's I had this little wallhanging with those three words: Live, Love, Laugh. When I saw your little snakes alphabet, it just made me laugh. I thought, what in the world could you make with that? I could only think of the word "laugh". And then I thought of this popular wallhanging. So then I looked at your other alphabets, several of them were great for writing the word "LOVE" and it was hard to choose. The Victorian one was great. Then, which one for the word "LIVE"? I wanted some excitement, some growth, some joy... You had floral ones, and greenery ones... And then I thought of fun, and the Fairy Tale alphabet looked like fun.

Here is how they look all together, finished. And the instructions will come below.


Materials needed:

White canvas for the background
Stabilizer (heavyweight)
Sewing thread, batting, binding
Embroidery thread: red, brown, variegated, green neon
Rotary cutter, mat, scissors
Serger to finish the seams
Fabrics to express the sentiment

Cutting and Sewing:

LIVE FULLY - Fairy Tale Alphabet. Purple seemed best for the word LIVE and variegated bright colors for the word FULLY. This design has two colors per letter so I changed the color selections to all be the same, to save on color stops. Trimmed it to 16.5" x 7" size after it was embroidered. I love to quilt and show-and-tell, so this whimsical print expressed it best. The fabric panel was too long, and I folded over the edge so that it looked finished.

It still looked too empty. So I added the Flowervase from Victorian Decor to show my love of flowers. And a little cherub in variegated colors, dancing for joy.

The little cherub took some work. I selected Cherub Circle Bottom and enlarged it 20% on my sewing machine, and saved it to a design card. Then I put the card in my computer and used Buzztools to print it at this larger size. I only wanted to sew part of the design, the cherub. But I had to use the whole design that printed to plan the placement.

Then I sewed matching black fabric to the sides, sewed the fabric panels top and bottom. Made a quilt sandwich with very firm batting. Used black bias to bind the edges. I quilted it with echo quilting in white thread. Finished size 17.5" x 18".

LOVE ALWAYS - Victorian Glamour alphabet, two shades of red for LOVE. I used a variegated red rayon for the main letter and a heavier-weight dark red for the accent.Fairy Tale Alphabet. A rich brown thread for ALWAYS. I cut it to 17.5" x 8.5". Take 1.5" wide black bias, fold it in half lengthwise, and sew it around the edges as an inner frame.

For the border this fabric seemed great, chocolates and love go together. Cut the border 2.5" wide and sew it around the edges. Make a quilt sandwich. I sewed a large scallop stitch using red thread to hold the black bias frame in place. I quilted it with white thread, quilting lots of little hearts and meandering stitches. Then squared it up, cut off uneven edges, and bound with black bias binding. Finished size 22" x 12 3/4".

LAUGH MUCH - These funny little snakes look great in neon green, for LAUGH. Fairy Tale Alphabet in variegated colors that included green for MUCH. I cut it to 7.5" x 14". The little clown looked so happy in bright colors, added a smile, and the two dots are the eyelet stitch on my sewing machine.

I cut a yellow fabric strip 1" wide and sewed it around the edges as an inner frame. The border fabric was easy, happy little people smiling with bright colors. Cut the border 2.5" wide and sewed that on. Made a quilt sandwich, did echo quilting with white thread just a little, and quilted little curliques in each corner. Squared it up, bound with black binding. Finished size 18.5" x 11.5".


1. If you want to use more than one letter to make a word or monogram, like in this project, you may want to align and join them into a single file using your embroidery software. It's easier than aligning each one separately using the paper template method. So if you manage to keep within your largest hoop - go for it. To learn joining designs in embroidery software, click here...

2. We've found that our cotton iron-on backing is simply great for quilting.