Little Dress By Bobbie Berry

Little Dress
This special project of white summer baby-girl dress was designed and created by Bobbie Berry. And Bobbies' little neighbor has kindly agreed to be a model :O)

This cotton dress takes 3 guest towels to make, along with a little ribbon, and our free Daisy designs. There's no pattern, so just follow the photos and instruction below, and use your own kids' measurements.

Items needed:
2 Yards ribbon
2 snaps or hook & eye closures
3 Hemstitched linen guest towels
Embroidery designs from vanity set
Organza / Tulle Flowers

Combine the flower designs in your software and stitch out a flower garden along the center bottom of one guest towel above hemstitching.

Stitch Organza/Tulle Flowers and set aside.

Assemble 3 guest towels and cut horizontally 14 above the hemstitched edge. The 3 larger sections will become the skirt section of the dress and the 3 smaller sections will become the bodice.

Skirt section:
Start just above the hemstitching and stitch the 3 skirt sections together leaving open 4 in center back seam. Be sure the embroidered section is in the center of the 3 sections. The hemstitching is now the finished hem of the dress. Press seams open.

On inside, turn back edges of opening below hemstitching and stitch.

Run a gathering stitch at upper edge of skirt section and set aside.

Bodice section:
Take one of the small sections and fold in half vertically (locating the center). Cut a off a triangle section 3 across top and 3 down side.

Turn under raw edges of side seams and stitch.

Create a 1 tuck from top to bottom of center section and stitch in place.

Trim two remaining side sections to fit center bodice (about 2 x 10 ) and stitch side seams to front bodice.

At this point trim excess fabric from the outer edges of side sections to fit the measurements of the child who will be wearing the dress. Make sure to leave enough selvage to turn under trimmed edges and stitch.

Stitch bodice to skirt section.

Attach ribbon straps to front of bodice.

Attach ribbon bows to hem just above splits at hemstitching.

Attach organza flowers at front section.

Adjust straps to fit child and stitch in place on back. Stitch snaps or hook and eye to close back of dress.

Make hair ornament using 3 organza flowers and ribbon.


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