Men's Monogrammed Grooming Kit, Pipe & Tobacco Pouch and Jewelry Sac

Men's Monogrammed Grooming Kit
Here is an idea for a beautiful project - it's for men, who're so deprived in our female embroidery kingdom :o)

It's a grooming kit. Take a look at the photos of it inside, and you'll get the idea.

You may play with the size and various inside pockets, to meet your specific desires. Or, even get a ready-made purse, and apply a monogram over it, as a patch.

Grooming Kit

1 yd suede cloth
1 yd clear heavy plastic lining
1 yd fabric lining
3 zippers (12")
2 yds belting
2 buckles

Refer to drawing for measurements. Be sure to add 1 inch all around for selvage and 2" in length for top and middle sections. These extra 2" will become the pleats.

1. Stitch plastic to wrong side of lining pieces.
2. Insert zippers in each section. You will now have 3 separate sections.

3. After zippers have been stitched into place, stitch another piece of plastic to cover entire back of each section. This will form the pocket. Stitch each of the 3 sections in this manner, then stitch the sections together in a vertical line with the largest one being in the middle.

4. Stitch belting to right side of suede fabric.

5. Lay lining section on top of main fabric and fold and pin pleats in each section to fit, and stitch pleats. Stitch the two pieces right sides together, leaving bottom section open. Pull right side out and top stitch opening at bottom.
6. Stitch buckles in place. Finished.

Pipe & Tobacco Pouch

Jewelry Sac

Monogrammed Grooming Kit, Pipe & Tobacco Pouch and Jewelry Sac