Monogrammed Bed Pillows

Monogrammed Bed Pillows
Here's an elegant start to breakfast in bed, by Darla Simmons. Darla, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful project :)

Here's how a plain bed, beautifully dressed up with monograms, looks:

Monogrammed Bed Pillows

And here are a few words of instruction from project author:

1. I purchased satin fabrics that matched my other bed linens, and before assembling the pillow, I added our monograms (the letters are from Monogram #2 alphabet).

I used 3 layers of lightweight stabilizer because the satin fabric is fairly thin and I wanted the monograms to have a firm base. Once the monograms were finished, I removed the excess stabilizer.

2. Using the log cabin method I added the different colored strips of fabric.

3. I sew around the quare pillow, turned inside out, stuffed and hand stitched the end close. Ready!

How simple is this? The Monogram #2 designs sew out simply elegant. I chose the different size of the letters in the design for added interest, and I think they sewed out beautifully. I'm sure proud of them, and they sure do add a touch of class to the bedding in our bedroom. Even my husband likes those, he says they look like they should be in one of those fancy hotels you see on TV. WOW, lifestyle of the rich and famous... Thank you the designs are great!


Monogram #2 Font
Each letter & numeral comes in three different sizes.
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Cotton Tear-Away Stabilizer
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