Oriental Food Tent with Chinese Zodiacs embroidery designs

This cool food tent project has been emailed to us by Sue Garrett from St. Louis. Sue used food tent pattern originally published on Viking Husqvarna site (pattern author - Marie Duncan), modified it a little, and created the beautiful tent you see on the photo below.
The designs embroidered on tent are from "Chinese Zodiacs" collection.

Scroll down to read step-by-step instruction for sewing this food tent...


Window screening (found at hardware stores) About yard
Heavy-duty water-soluble stabilizer
Thread in appropriate colors for designs
Bendable wire (like safety lock wire)
Double fold bias tape or twill tape that is about inches wide


Cut 5 rectangles of the screening about 10x12 inches. Hoop with the stabilizer and embroider your zodiac designs placing one design on each of the 5 pieces.


You will need to soak the pieces in water to get rid of the stabilizer.
Cut out the sections using triangular pattern piece, centering the designs before cutting.
Fold the twill tape or the bias tape (maybe already folded depending on the type used). Sew the pieces together on the sides, sandwiching the folded tape in the seam. You will be creating a tunnel to thread wire through to give the tent some stability. On one of the sides leave some extra tape to loop for the little handle loop at the top.



When all the pieces are together and you have threaded the wire in each seam you will begin the placement of the same folded tape around the bottom of the tent. Sew the tape around the circle. Then fold the tunnel of tape away from the tent and the seam allowance toward the inside of the tent.


Now thread some wire through this tunnel and twist ends inside the tunnel and you should have a cute tent to cover your bowls or plates at an out door gathering. I chose the designs based on the year of births of the family that will receive the tent.


Click here to navigate to Chinese Zodiacs designs set. By ordering it, you will get all 12 zodiac animal designs - not only the ones used in this project.


Zodiac Signs
12 Zodiac animals in authentic Chinese style. 4x4 inch hoop.
Oriental Font
124 symbols included - each in two sizes.