Pillow Sham With Wide Flange

Pillow Sham
This lovely country-style pillow with wide checkered flange was created by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie adorned the front side with an initial from Winter Rose font and design form Winter Roses #2. Take a look how sweet the pillow looks when ready.

Below you may read the instruction which Bobbie has kindly put together, describing how to sew this pillow.

Items needed:
1/2 yd Suede or ther fabric for center front of sham
1/2 yd fabric for back and flanges
Embroidery Design and Matching Font
Water-Soluble Stabilizer
Pillow form

Cut 18" x 18" for center front of pillow sham. Embroider design. Washout WSS, lay flat to dry, press and set aside.

Cut out back sections 30" wide x 42" vertical.
Cut this section in half, horizontally. You now have 2 pieces 30'"x 21".
Fold down the 30" side and make a double hem about 1" wide and press.

Stitch hem ... repeat for other half of back section.

Overlap the two pieces until you have a 30" x 30" measurement and stitch across the overlap.

Stitch the two side flanges to the center section and press seams.

Attach top and bottom flange sections in the same manner. Press seams.

Lay top section on bottom section, right sides together and stitch around the entire perimeter.

Turn right side out.

Press uter seams and pin the center section to the back and stitch where center joins flanges.

Press.Insert pillow form through back opening.


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