Wedding Purse with Lace Irises Top

Photos of this amazing, vintage style wedding purse have been emailed to us by Viveka Berg from Sweden. Viveka, thank you so much for the awesome project!
The lace design has been embroidered separately on water soluble backing, using white and golden thread colors. Then the lace top was sewn onto a white satin purse. You may see that the purse was also quilted using metallic embroidery thread and decorative machine stitch. A thin batting was added inside.

The Lace top was embroidered using design from Irises Lace set. Here's how the purse looks:



Required supplies:
  • Iris Lace designs
  • Water soluble backing - preferably fabric-type water soluble
  • Strong poly embroidery thread for the lace design.
  • Batting
  • Satin fabric (we highly recommend you to purchase the expensive type of satin fabric, one made from 100% cotton. The cheap satins are very difficult to sew, and also look worse. Wedding purse really deserves the best fabric you can get your hands on.

    To sew the purse, you may use the tote-making instructions we have here. The rules are absolutely similar. Just be sure to make the purse measurements match the lace top, and make the closing a bit longer than on the "open" model.

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