Sachet Pillow & Potpourri Bag with Decorative Ornaments

Photos and instructions for these cute sachet pillow & potpourri bag have been emailed to us by Bobbie B. from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you again!
Bobbie created this set using simple cotton fabric, cotton offwhite lace, nice ribbon matching to fabric color and Decorative Ornaments embroidery designs. Scroll down to see close-up photos, and read instructions for this project.


Instructions for Sachet Pillow:
Embroider the design, then place the lace trim right sides together and stitch on either end of the front of the pillow. Place both front and back pieces, right sides together and stitch top, bottom and one side, leaving the remaining side open to stuff the cotton (I use Cluster-Stuff, it is in very small pieces and works well for small items). Hand stitch the opening and you're finished.

Click here to navigate to Decorative Ornaments designs set. By ordering it, you will get the designs used in this project, and many more!


1. See how much the trimming adds to this project. It's so simple and so beautiful. Everything matches - the colors, the material. Be sure to find some nice trimming for your project - the key is that it should match the main fabric by color, and preferably fiber.

2. If you select "zebra" fabric, like Bobbie did, make sure to match embroidery thread of darker shade, otherwise the zebra fabric might show through a little (through light thread).