Silk dupioni & metallic netting pillow

Silk Dupioni Pillow
This vintage-style pillow project is one more generous contribution by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thanks again!!!

Bobbie created this olive-colored cushion from dupioni silk, overlayed with metallic netting and decorated with embroidery and lace.

The embroidered ornaments on the left and right sides are from "Victorian Whitework" set, while the lace "A" initial in the middle is from Puccini Lace embroidery font.

Here is a photo of ready pillow, and the instruction comes below:

Supplies List

- Dupioni silk in olive color (for front & back sides of the pillow)
- A piece of golden netting (for pillow front & decorative frill)
- Pillow filling
- Water soluble stabilizer
- Polyester embroidery thread
- Metallic embroidery thread
- Tearaway backing
- Victorian Whitework embroidery designs
- Puccini Lace embroidery font


1. Stitch lace initial from "Puccini Lace" embroidery font, on qiality water-soluble backing (fabric-type WSB recommended):

Silk dupioni pillow

2. Using embroidery software, print out design templates for the decorative left and right side designs.

3. Position the above-mentioned templates in appropriate manner.

4. Hoop fabric while centering according to first design hoop marks. Remove template and stitch the design. Repeat the same with the second design.

Silk dupioni pillow

Silk dupioni pillow

Silk dupioni pillow

5. Hand-stitch the lace initial in the middle (usually it's easier when water soluble backing is still there - but consider that you'll need to wash the pillowcase front afterwords).

6. Add decorative frill, and stitch the front and back sides together, leaving 1 side open for the filling. Turn pillowcase to the right side, insert filling, and hand-stitch the closure. Ready!

Silk dupioni & metallic netting pillow


Puccini Lace Font
Includes 26 letters in lace technique. 4x4-inch hoop.
Single Letters Available
Water Soluble Backing
Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs
Metallic Thread