Silk Pillow using Violets Design Set

Photos and instructions for this lovely pillow have been emailed to us by Bobbie from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you so much for sending all your beautiful photos and projects!

Bobbie used amazing light emerald silk, trimming and Violets Designs for this pillow.

Scroll down to read step-by-step instructions for making this cushion.


Embroider the design. Cut two pieces fabric 16" square, and embroider design on front piece. Apply decorative trim two inches from edge of fabric using monofilament thread. Stitch inside edge of trim first, then outside edge of trim (see photo).
If trim has tassels as in photo, pull all tassels toward inside and carefully pin back to front, right sides together, making sure not to catch any of the trim (see photo). Stitch all around leaving a 6" opening at the bottom of pillow. Clip edges. Turn right side out and stuff with fiberfill. Blind stitch opening. Finished!


Click here to navigate to Violets designs set, and get 11 great violets designs - one used on this pillow, and many more!


1. You may embroider a monogram instead of the design, especially it it's done for a gift (can be a beautiful gift!). To get a DELUXE Violets set, with 2 matching violets fonts, and borders, click here....


All About Violets
Violets designs in 11 project oriented shapes. 5x7 inch hoop.
Violets Borders
6 border designs with Violets. 5x7 inch hoop.
Violets XS Font Large
Set includes all capital letters.
Single Letters Available
Violets XS Font Small
Set includes all capital letters.