Monogramed Silk Sachet Shoe Inserts

Silk Sachet Shoe Inserts
This super-colorful sachet shoe project was created by Bobbie Berry, who is absolutely our most frequent contributor of incredible projects.

Normally Bobbie loves making various antique-style accessories, yet this specific one is in modern style. Now it's one of our favorites, if not THE favorite...

Scroll down to see the ready sachet shoe. It makes an awesome gift for Mothers Day, wedding shower or for any girl who likes pretty things!


Items needed:
- 1/2 yd silk fabric for front/back of inserts
- 1/8 yd silk fabric for trim
- 1 yd lining fabric
- 1 1/2 yd ribbons
- Embroidery monogram design
- Polyester Thread
- Metallic Thread
- Tear-Away Stabilizer

Cut 4 of silk fabric.

Locate center for embroidery design and mark on front sections of fabric. Hoop and stitch out monogram for each insert.

Pin front to back section.

Stitch front to back leaving top section open.

Cut out a 3" strip of trim, long enough to go around the top of the insert.

Stitch the end of the trim.

Fold trim in half.

Stitch to top of insert.

Cut out 4 of lining and stitch sides together leaving opening to turn right side out later.

Slip silk insert down inside lining, right sides together and stitch around top.

Pull insert through lining opening and turn it right side through lining opening and turn it right side out. Smooth out and press.

Out of lining fabric, cut 4 of the pillow inserts.

Stitch around, leaving small opening for turning right side out. After turning, fill with fiber-fil and lavender sachet.

Put filled pillow in silk insert and tie with ribbons.

Slide insert down into the shoe.

The following photos show the same item being constructed using a different monogram. This second pair of inserts has fuchsia silk front and turquoise silk back.