Tear-Away Stabilizer - 100% Cotton, Size: 24" X 50-yard roll

Size: 24" x 50 yards
Size: 24" x 50 yards
Item# 3-DX-ST-CottonNew-24-50

This is 100% cotton backing. It doesn't have an iron-on layer. Just pure cotton.

Since this cotton tearaway backing becomes super soft after laundering the embroidered item, it's great for non-stretchy types of fabric, when softness is an issue.

- When stitching on baby clothes

- When stitching on any skin touching garments

- Quilting & patchwork

This stabilizer tears away easily when embroidery is finished.

Use one layer for lightweight fabrics. For thicker fabric types apply two layers. Placement direction doesn't matter - it tears away great in all directions.