Summer Bag Using Guest Towels

Summer Bag Using Guest Towels
Bobbie Berry sent us this very ingenious handbag project with instructions. Bobbie, Thank you so much!

Bobbie used butterfly design from a new Dressing Table Vanity Set & Font and embroiders it on the Ivory Guest Towels in white Polyester Thread.


Using guest towel, determine where you want the design and embroider it using Water Soluble Stabilizer. Wash out WSS and dry and press guest towel.

Lay towel on top of two layers of lining fabric and cut out lining the same size as the towel plus 1/2" all around.

Lay front and back guest towels together, wrong sides together. Measure down 7" from top and pin. This locates the side openings on bag. Stitch front and back side seams below the 7" mark.

For French seams, stitch wrong sides together, trim seam very close to stitching. Turn right sides together and stitch, this will enclose the previous seam leaving no raw edges. Stitch lining in this manner. Turn under 1/4" at top of lining and stitch it to top of inside bag, just below hemstitching. Turn under the 7 " of free lining and stitch to bag at side openings.

Turn bag wrong side out and stitch bottom opening. Stitch bottom lining opening. Turn bag right side out, pushing lining back down inside, Press.

Open up top seam above hemstitching and insert handle and stitch back in place either by hand or on machine.


6 ABE Hemstitched Style - Ivory
55% linen, 45% cotton. Ivory. Pack of 6.
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Vanity Set & Font
Includes 8 designs, 2-letter Monogram Frame and 26 letters. 5"x7" hoop.