Tableware Accessories with Grape Vines

This tableware project was created by Natalia from Pennsylvania.
Natalia, thank you again for the awesome photos!
The author has sewn & embroidered lovely linen runner, napkins, coaster and wine bottle cover with Grape Vines embroidery designs. All of the items have been trimmed with "golden" ribbon. Scroll down to see close-up photos, and read instructions for this project.






This classic tableware set is very easy to do, and makes a beautiful gift for yourself or anyone else adult.

The embroidery is done on gorgeous Irish linen, using <>medium weight tearaway stabilizer. "Antique White" linen looks luxurous because of it's own matching woven pattern, and grapes designs stand out beautifully on it.

To make the runner, napkins and coaster, embroider the designs first. Cut out appropriate pieces of fabric for those items. Then, cut out duplicate pieces for the back sides, to close all seams (it's not necessary to cover the back side, but nicer, especially if you use expensive materials like this irish linen. This is considered "quality sewing").

Put back & front sides on one another, face to face (frong sides outside). Sew them together, leaving a 4 inch opening. Turn to the right side, iron, sew the opening, then trim with golden ribbon all over the edge. Ready!

To sew the bottle decoration, also embroider the design first. No need to cover the seams here - they'll anyway be inside the cover. Just iron the edjes inside, double folded. Trim with the same golden ribbon, and then sew the back seam. Wear on a bottle of wine, and tie with nice wide golden ribbon. Ready!

Click here to navigate to Grape Vines designs set. By ordering it, you will get the designs used in this project, and several more beautiful grape designs!


1. For items like these ones, that require frequent laundry, it's better to embroider with polyester thread. Don't use rayon with anything you're going to wash relatively often. Eventually it'll lose color. Polyester is MUCH better because of it's color fastness. It's also stronger.

2. You may do some outlines of the grapes leaves using metallic thread, especially if you'll use golden ribbon for trimming. The glittering metallics can add a lot to the project.

3. Be careful when choosing the fabric. Some "Irish Linens" are not very good for embroidery, due to the way they're woven. So take a close look at the weave before purchasing. It should not have very long parallel "stitches" at the area where you plan to embroider on, otherwise the stitches of embroidery design may sink in between those long stitches. We also suggest using water soluble topping film.


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