Applique Technique on Embroidery Machine - Step By Step Guide

Applique Technique
Machine embroidery applique is an easy technique. We've included step by step explanations using actual example to help you get started. Good luck!

General Suggestions:

* Print thread & fabric change list of specific design you're going to stitch.

* If you intend to use fabrics of organic nature that may have tendency to shrink, wash them in hot (but not boiling) water before applying to your project.

* Iron all fabrics you're going to use for your applique project.

* You MUST MUST MUST have quality scissors with long sharp edges.

* For applique, avoid using easily fraying fabrics. If you have no choice - eliminate fraying by applying "No Fray Spray" on fabric edges.

* If you're dealing with slippery fabrics, prepare some double sided scotch or adhesive spray.

Main Steps:

1. Hooping background fabric.
2. Marking background fabric using embroidery machine and very first thread of applique design.
3. Positioning applique fabric pieces on hooped background, sewing them on and and cutting the excess one by one.
4. Running the rest of applique embroidery design.

Detailed Directions:

1. Hooping the background fabric:

Stabilize and carefully hoop your applique background fabric. Make sure the fabric isn't stretched and there's no puckering. Large hoops sometimes don't hold the fabric well enough. If your hoop has such tendency, insert a piece of thick fabric between each long hoop side when hoping your applique background.

2. Marking the background fabric using embroidery machine and very first thread color of applique design:

Insert the hoop into your machine and load your applique design. Stitch the first thread (only). Use any light thread color that will not show through later. This is done to mark the background fabric and help you position applique pieces. Finished result should look something like this:

3. Positioning applique fabric pieces on hooped background, sewing them on and and cutting the excess one by one.

3.1 Look at thread & fabric change list that corresponds with your design. Lay the first piece of applique fabric to hooped background. We rarely use adhesive materials to hold it on place - prefer to select fabric types that aren't too slippery. Most times it's enough to lay it accuratelyon hoop.

For problematic fabric types some adhesive materials like double sided scotch or spray adhesive may be required. NEVER hold fabric with your hands while your machine works - it's dangerous. You will need your hands later.

3.2 Stitch the thread that goes right after this fabric color.

If you can cut the edges accurately without taking the hoop out of machine - do it. If can't - take your hoop out of the machine (do NOT take the fabric out!) and carefully cut applique fabric edges as close to the seam as you can. Don't live more than 1 mm.

Insert the hoop back and repeat steps 3.1 & 3.2 until all applique pieces are attached to the background. ALways follow colors list.

4. Embroider the rest of applique embroidery design, following thread change list. Enjoy!

Please note - applique designs are not resizable. If you resize applique design, in best case you will be able to use it as regular embroidery design (not applique) by skipping the first outlines that are supposed to hold applique fabric.


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