BBQ Apron with Art Nouveau Monogram

Monogrammed BBQ Apron
This cool BBQ apron project, along with the instructions, was kindly sent to us by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thank you very much!

Although the apron has two layers for extra protection when dealing with grill, it's still pleasantly fluffy since it's done from fleece.


- a large piece of milk-chocolate-brown fleece (for the 2 layers of apron body & for the pockets)
- a large piece of cotton for the lining
- a small piece of cream-colored cotton fabric for monogram base patch
- a 2-letter Art Nouveau Monogram design
- a frame patch design from Art Nouveau Monogram Frames collection


1. Cut out apron parts according to the scheme - 2 identical layers of fleece for the body, 2 fleece pockets, 1 layer of cotton for lining.

2. Embroider monogram patch, and then the monogram, on the outer fleece layer - like these photos show:

Hoop and position the design

Embroider 1-st thread of the frame

Cut away patch fabric edges, close to the stitches

Finish stitching the frame and the monogram.

Sew on the pockets to the frontal fleece, then sew together the two apron body layers, and the ties.

Apron finished!

Art Nouveau Monogram Frames
19 stylish applique frames, each comes in 3 sizes. 5x7-inch hoop.
Art Nouveau Monograms