Valentine Card, Embroidered Directly On Mulberry Paper

Card, Embroidered On Mulberry Paper

One way for using designs from "Valentine Greetings" set is to embroider Valentine greetings directly on certain types of paper. We've found that Mulberry paper works great for this purpose, and can even be hooped the regular way!

This is very nice because the backside of embroidery remains backing-free, and looks good. We've also used color bobbin thread, to make the wrong embroidery side look beautiful. And it worked.

Below you will find a step-by-step instruction, explaining and demonstrating how this postcard was made. It only takes a few minutes to complete!


  • Mulberry paper. heavy weight
  • Design from Valentine Greetings set. We've used "Frame Love" for this project
  • Cutaway embroidery backing
  • Temporary adhesive spray
  • Paints. We've used pearl gouache paints, available in most craft shops and artistic shops.
  • Metallic embroidery thread. We've used red color metallic on this card.
  • Red color bobbin>. If you don't have prewound one, just wind regular embroidery thread on bobbin.
  • Scissors


    1. Hoop a piece of Mulberry paper into a large hoop (the regular way, without any stabilizer)..
    2. Position the design at the very bottom of your hoop. Most embroidery machines allow doing this with a few clicks on their touch-up screen. In case your machine doesn't have such function, in steps 3 through 8 we'll show how this can be done via embroidery software (Embird). If you know how to move design to the bottom of hoop, do this and then skip to step 9.

    3. To position embroidery design at hoop bottom using Embird software, open Embird, activate the design you want to mirror, and click "Editor" on top program menu
    4. Click "Options" menu, then click on "Hoop Size"..
    5. You'll see plenty of hoop sizes. Select the correct one for your machine (the one you've used for hooping your backing), and press the "OK" button. Now you should see the design on appropriate "virtual hoop"..
    6. To move the design to hoop bottom, just drag it there, and position exactly in the middle..
    7. To save the results click "File" --> "Save As"..
    8. Save under a new name, in appropriate folder on your PC. We've called the new version "FrameLove_bottom"..
    9. Embroider the bottom-aligned design, using metallic embroidery threads & color bobbin. Metallic thread will make the design look festive. Sparkling adds life to the embroidery. Suddenly a simple design can look amazing just because of metallic thread. By the way - when dealing with metallic thread, reduce machine speed to lowest one you can, use metallic needle and thread net. These simple tips can save you plenty of troubles..
    10. Unhoop the embroidery, and flatten the mulberry paper. Draw a rectangle the size of your future greeting card, around the embroidered design..
    11. Cut out the card and fold, like shown on the photos below ->.
    Card is ready!.


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