Valentine Card, Embroidered Directly On Mulberry Paper

Designs from "Valentine Greetings" set can be used for making valentine greetings, embroidered on certain types of paper, like mulberry paper.

Often the size of postcard or type of decorative paper you select for card base don't let to hoop paper the regular way. Yet, if the paper is strong enough to support embroidery without stabilizer, there is another way around.

This "other way" is to hoop strong cutaway backing, cut as small as possible hole in it's middle for the design that should be embroidered, then apply temporary adhesive spray over the backing, attach decorative card stock paper and embroider the design.

Here's one greeting card we've made using this technique (front & back)

Notice that this card design doesn't allow hiding embroidery backing, and the backside is also embroidered in same thread color (color bobbin), to make it look beautiful.

Below you will find a step-by-step instruction, explaining and demonstrating how this postcard was made.


  • Mulberry paper. heavy weight
  • Design from Valentine Greetings set. We've used "Hearts #2" for this project
  • Cutaway embroidery backing
  • Temporary adhesive spray
  • Metallic embroidery thread. We've used red color metallic on this card.
  • Red color bobbin. If you don't have prewound one, just wind regular embroidery thread on bobbin.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

    * Make sure that your printer is functioning properly. You'll need it for printing design template.


  • 1. Mark a piece of Mulberry paper the way shown on our photo. The very top edge and bottom edge will later be removed, so please don't be puzzled by the strange look of the pattern. We need a larger paper surface, to make the paper hold well over a hole in hooped backing.

    The middle side of your card base should be twice larger than each of the edges.
    2. Hoop a piece of cutaway backing into a large hoop, and mark its center all over the backing, like the photo shows..
    3. Print design template, position it over the hooped backing, slightly mark template outline with pencil..
    4. Cut a hole inside the hooped backing, according to this outline..
    5. Fold the card base like the photo shows, apply some temporary adhesive spray on the outer side of top & bottom card edges (that will be removed), and stick the card base to embroidery backing, carefully centered..
    6. Embroider the design, using metallic thread on top and matching color bobbin thread on bottom (the bobbins should be regular poly machine embroidery thread).
    Metallic can make almost any design look festive. Sparkling adds life to the embroidery. Suddenly a simple design can look amazing just because of metallic thread.

    Also, when dealing with metallic, reduce machine speed to lowest one you can, use metallic needle and thread net. These simple tips can save you plenty of troubles.
    7. When embroidery is finished, remove the card and cut away excess edges. Fold the card. Cut out the hearts out of paper template, leaving a 1/4-inch allowance, like on our photo. Then cut out a decorative "window" on card edges using these paper hearts as template..
    Valentine card ready!.


    Christmas Gold 4x4
    26 monocolor Christmas designs 4x4-inch hoop. 1 size.
    Valentine Greetings
    28 valentine designs, for card stock embroidery. 4"x4" hoop.