Christmas Quilt with Cardinal Birds & Other Christmas Embroidery Designs

This amazing wall-hanging quilt, designed in traditional Christmas colors, is another project by Viveka Berg from Sweden. Viveka, thank you so much for sharing your ideas!


As you may see, the quilt is sewn from cotton fabric. The embroidered areas are light sand and wavy blue, and the backgroundis green. Notice how much the red ribbons and hearts add to the complete picture. Without Christmas red, it wouldn't be the same!

The embroideries that decorate the inside quilt blocks are from two different collections. The letters are from "Royal Heritage" embroidery font and the greens & birds are from "Timeless Christmas" machine cross stitch designs set.



If you'll decide to adopt some ideas from this quilt design - here is a list of materials you'll need.

Supplies list:

  • Cotton designer fabric
  • Ribbons for the trim
  • Fabric for quilt back
  • Batting (preferably wool or cotton)
  • Tear-away embroidery stabilizer (cotton tear-away is perfect for quilts)
  • Polyester embroidery thread for the designs
  • Metallic thread for stitching the letters (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Temporary adhesive spray
  • Timeless Christmas embroidery designs
  • Royal Heritage embroidery font


Timeless Christmas
10 project-oriented decorative shapes for 5x7 inch hoops
Royal Heritage Initials
Set Includes 26 capitals letters.
Single Letters Available