Online tutorial & patterns for making machine Cross-Stitch Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings in various shapes!
Our first Cross-Stitch christmas stockings embroidery designs set became so popular that we've prepared MORE cross-stitch stocking designs, and give away several stocking sewing patterns in various shapes for FREE download, to use with those designs.


Basic Stocking Pattern
A sewing pattern for this stocking comes together with each of our stocking embroidery designs. It's a kind of "universal/unisex" pattern, yet you may play with it and change it's shape to show your own character and personality.
Standing Stocking Pattern
This cute little stocking has a sole, making it possible to position it under a Christmas tree as a gift box (or hang in the traditional manner). If you insert a piece of wire inside, it will stand on it's own.
Stocking Pattern With Cuffs Top
We've added a very special topping for this stocking, it looks more like cuffs than traditional Christmas stocking "cream". This stocking can look especially well in two contrasting colors - one for the body and the one for the top part.
Classic Stocking Pattern
This stocking has a classic style and shape. It consists of four basic parts - body, toe, heel and top. We've used the traditional Christmas "Red-Green" color palette for this stocking, and inserted some golden band between each stocking part.
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