Cottage Rose Quilt-Pillow with Roses Embroidery Designs

To make similar project, you’ll need to have the following supplies in stash:

Photos and instructions for making this sweet quilted pillow have been provided by Jenni Isfan. Jenni, thank you for sending your beautiful project!

Jenni quilted the pillow, and decorated it's middle panel with square embroidery design from Roses Set #1.To read a step-by-step instructions for making this cushion, just scroll down the page.

Supplies List:
  • Roses Set #1 cross-stitch designs
  • Machine embroidery thread
  • 11" square of white heavy cotton (for the front panel with the embroidery)
  • 2 layers of tearaway stabilizer
  • 2 strips of coordinating fabric #1 that measure 3" x 11" as well as 2 more strips of the same fabric that measure 3" x 14"
  • 2 strips of coordinating fabric #2 that measures 3" x 14" and two more that measure 4" x 17"
  • 45" of pleated ribbon trim in matching color
  • 69" of ruffled fabric
  • Sewing thread in appropriate colors

Instructions should be used with a 1/2" seam allowance

Step-By-Step Instruction:

Step 1 - Embroider a "Rose Square" design from Roses Set #1 onto a piece of cotton, following PDF thread change list. Use both layers of tearaway stabilizer.

Step 2 - Trim the embroidered block with the pleated ribbon, facing the ribbon towards the embroidery. Make sure that the ribbon is overlapped and that the piece on the top has been turned under, to hide the raw edge.

Step 3 - Sew the two 3" x11" strips to opposite sides of the embroidered square and press it open with seams towards the coordinating fabric #1. Topstitch. Then sew the remaining pieces of fabric #1 on to the other two sides. Press those open and then topstitch.

Step 4 - Sew the two 3" x 14" strips of fabric #2 to the sides of the pillow where you first added the fabric #1 (the 3" x 11" strips). Press open, then topstitch. Stitching the remaining strips to the remaining edges. Press open and topstitch.
Step 5 - Attach the fabric ruffle to the front pillow panel, right sides together, using a basting stitch. Make sure that the ruffle ends are finished properly, and are slightly overlapping.
Step 6 - With ruffle facing towards the middle of the pillow panel, pin and stitch the back and front panels together. Be especially careful at the corners, to make sure that you don’t catch the ruffle. Stitch all four corners, and leave one side open except from one-inch form each corner. Insert a 16" pillow filling and hand stitch the opening, to close it.

Cushion ready!

1. When you embroider on items that require laundry, it's best to use polyester embroidery thread, because it's colorfast and can stand heavy laundry. Poly is also stronger than rayon.

2. Visit this page to get the roses embroidery design that was used for making this project. It's a part of Roses Allure collection, which includes many more beautiful designs in the same style. So you'll be "set up" for making plenty of matching items.


Roses Allure Set
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