Winterly-Looking Coasters with Snowflakes

These sweet winter-style coasters, together with the instruction, have been emailed to us by Margaret E. Minton. Margaret, thank you so much, a very useful and simple to do idea! Here is a photo of some ready coasters, and below there's a list of supplies and instruction:

Coasters with snowflake embroidery  designs

Supplies list:

  • Snowflakes embroidery designs
  • Water soluble topping
  • White felt
  • Sparkling blue felt
  • Temporary adhesive spray
  • Laundry-safe embroidery thread (polyester recommended)

  • Instruction: 1. I stitched the designs on white felt then removed the stabilizer. 2. I sprayed temporary adhesive on the back of the snowflakes, pressed them to a layer of sparky blue felt, then satin-stitched a circle around each design. 3. I cut away the white layer right next to the satin stitch, but left a round of blue showing, using pinking shears to create an interesting edge design. 4. For additional interest, I used sparkling white thread for the satin-stitch circle which holds the two pieces together. Now I'm ready for a holiday party!

    And here are a couple of more photos:

    Coaster with snowflake embroidery designs - closeup
    Still life - coasters with snowflake embroidery designs