Designs For Metallic Thread

Designs For Metallics
The design sets and fonts that are featured on this page, were created especially for use with metallic thread. Metallics can add elegance, festivity and shine to nearly any project.

These designs embroider fantastically fast, almost without jumps, and with minimum thread color changes. This is just a dream for embroidery, and great for your machine health. They stitch out great on nearly any material, including paper and leather, allowing endles super-creative projects!

Golden Thanksgiving
7 metallic designs Suitable for 4x4 hoop
Golden Crowns
6 designs of Gold Crowns in 3 sizes. 5"x7" hoop.
Heraldic Gold 5x7 hoop
23 monocolor Heraldic designs 5"x7" hoop.
Heraldic Gold 6x10 hoop
9 monocolor Heraldic designs 6"x10" hoop.
Gold Capitals
26 symbols included - all capital letters.
Gold Flowers
20 designs of Gold Flowers 5"x7" hoop.
10 embroidery designs intended for Anniversary projects
Birthday Elegance
12 designs with flowers and phrases for Birthday projects
Birthday Gold
48 designs for Birthday & Anniversary projects
Christmas Gold 5x7
26 monocolor Christmas designs in 3 sizes.
4"x4" and 5"x7" hoops.
Christmas Gold 4x4
26 monocolor Christmas designs 4x4-inch hoop. 1 size.
Birthday Party
11 designs with motifs & short phrases for Birthday party projects
Paisley Ornaments 5x7
12 monocolor Paisley style designs 5"x7" hoop
Christian Symbols 5x7
29 designs with Christian symbols, surrounded by grape vines & wheat ears. 5"x7" hoop.
Christian Crosses Font
Includes 52 Designs - all capitals, each letter in 2 sizes
Grape Vines Gold
20 monocolor Grape Vine designs 5"x7" hoop
Grape Vines Font 5x7
26 symbols included - all capital letters.
Single Letters Available
Wheat Font
26 Designs - all capitals
21 monocolor designs with vines & wheat ears. 5"x7" hoop.
Birthday Balloons
15 designs with Birthday baloons and baloon-shape numbers
Flower Field Redwork
24 red-work embroidery designs 5"x7" hoop
Country Christmas Redwork
10 Christmas 1-color designs. 5x7-inch hoop.
Snowflakes Gold 5x7
12 monocolor Snowflakes designs in 2 sizes.
5"x7" hoop.
Snowflakes Gold 8x8
12 monocolor Snowflakes designs in 2 sizes.
7"x7" & 8"x8" hoops.
Christmas Gold Multicolor 5x7
26 multicolor Christmas designs in 3 sizes.
4"x4" and 5"x7" hoops.
Christmas Gold Multicolor 4x4
26 multicolor Christmas designs, 1 size
4x4-inch hoops.
Golden Grain Set
7 designs features several project-oriented shapes with wheat and daisy flowers. 5"x7" hoop