Elegant & Easy Cosmetic Bags with Victorian Monogram

This is another gorgeous project, contributed by Susan Garrett from St Louis, MO. Susan, thank you so much for sending your truly beautiful photos and detailed project instructions to make this exciting cosmetic bag!

To decorate this cosmetic bag, Susan used Victorian Glamour Monograms.Scroll down to read step by step instructions and see closeup photos.


  • A pretty placemat. Buy one of those singles you see on the clearance rack for a fragment of their original cost.
  • 1 12-inch non-separating zipper
  • Matching thread
  • Victorian Glamour Monograms from ABE designs.

    Instructions:1. Fold your placemat in half and find the centerline. Center your monogram from side to side but closer to the top from top to bottom because part of the bottom will be lost when you miter your bottom corners. Embroider your monogram making sure the design is rotated the correct direction. The top of your monogram should be at the top of the short side of your placemat.

    2. Now open your zipper and sew one side to one edge of the top of the placemat. Pin the remaining side of the zipper tape to the other short end of the placemat and stitch. You will now be able to see that you have your bag almost done. Sew your side seams with the zipper open so you can get into the bag to turn it later.


    3. Miter the bottom corners of the bag to give it a boxy look as pictured.

    4. Trim away the triangle on each corner.


    5. Turn bag right side out and voila! You have a gift that useful and very elegant. And the added monogram makes it a very special and personal gift.

    6. These make great wedding favors for bridesmaids etc. You can add some novelty yarns to the zipper for a tassel pull!

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    Victorian Glamour Monograms
    Includes 26 capitals letters.
    Single Letters Available