Framed Heart Design with Violet Flowers

Photo of this framed violets heart has been emailed to us by Mrs. Terrence Keller. Mrs Keller made this framed heart as a gift for her friend. Mrs. Keller, thank you so much for sending the photo of your project!

The Violet Heart is from All About Violets Set. It was machine embroidered on a piece of Aida cloth, and then framed.



1. You may want to create an entire sampler with violets, frame it, and personalize with initials from small violet alphabet. Such sampler would make a wonderful gift for birthday, Easter, or wedding anniversary.


All About Violets
Violets designs in 11 project oriented shapes. 5x7 inch hoop.
Violets Borders
6 border designs with Violets. 5x7 inch hoop.
Violets XS Font Large
Set includes all capital letters.
Single Letters Available
Violets XS Font Small
Set includes all capital letters.