Gaelic Heritage Embroidery Project

Gaelic Heritage
This lovely Gaelic heritage was created by Sally Red. It is quick and easy flag project featuring the Celtic Font and a free Lemon Meringue Font.


Cut a 13" X 19" piece of nylon outdoor fabric. Finger press a 1/4" seam around all four sides. Fold over another 1/4" around the bottom and two sides and edge stitch close to the inner folded edge wrapping the sides over the bottom to give a neat, finished look.

Fold the top edge down about 1 1/4" including 1/4" finger pressed seam and stitch close the bottom edge of fold line to create a casing.

Mark the center of the fabric about 8 inches up from the bottom edge. Now hoop the flag and medium weight tear away stabilizer and pull up the designs. The border in the sample was created by combining the letter "I"(in the middle) and mirror imaging the letter "L" on either end. This can be done in a large hoop or in several different hoopings. The letter "O" resized 20% beautifully frames the Meringue Font monogram.

After stitching in the colors of choice, simply remove the project from the hoop and tear away the backing. Press out any hoop marks using a warm iron. Thread the flag pole through the casing and enjoy!