Giant Hoop Designs

This category features designs for giant hoops, including the 7x7 and 8x8-inch hoops.

Many of our most popular collections are now available in these super sizes. Enjoy!

The following machine brands (formats) are supported:
PES Quattro; JEF 11000; DST; EXP; VP3 Creative Vision and VIP Mega Single Hoop.

Victorian Baskets Set 8x8
2 designs in Victorian style. 8x8-inch hoop.
Black Cats 8"x8"
19 amazing Cats designs for Halloween projects. 8x8-inch hoop
Venice Initials 6x6 & 7x7
Includes 26 capitals letters, each in 2 sizes.
For 6"x6" and 7"x7" hoops.
Christian Symbols 8x8
29 designs with Christian symbols, surrounded by grape vines & wheat ears. 8"x8" hoop.
Grape Vines Font 8x8
26 symbols included. 8"x8" hoop size.
Single Letters Available
Victorian Whitework Set 8x8
9 designs in Victorian Whitework style. 8x8-inch hoop.
Victorian Whitework Font 8x8
Includes 26 capitals letters. 8"x8" hoop size
Single Letters Available
Paisley Ornaments 8x8
12 monocolor Paisley style designs 8"x8" hoop
Victorian Frames 8x8
9 designs of photo frames in Victorian style. 8x8-inch hoop.
Victorian Whitework Numbers 8x8
9 numbers in victorian style. 8x8-inch hoop
Single Numbers Available
Snowflakes Redwork 8x8
12 Christmas Snowflakes 1-color designs. 8x8-inch hoop.
Poinsettia Gold 8x8
14 Christmas designs with Poinsettia flowers
8x8-inch hoops
Snowflakes Gold 8x8
12 monocolor Snowflakes designs in 2 sizes.
7"x7" & 8"x8" hoops.