Grocery Bag with Applique Poppy Flowers

Grocery Bag
This grocery tote with applique poppy embroidery was created by Bobbie Berry, our most dedicated project author. Bobbie, thank you!

Bobbie used the design from Opium Poppy collection to adorn the bag front. As you may see, it's quite an unusual applique design, as it features a combination of both applique and regular embroidery.

Items needed:
3 Guest Towels
Small piece of fabric for appliqu�
Water-Soluble Stabilizer

Determine location of embroidery and stitch design on front section Using appliqu� technique: stitch first thread, remove hoop from machine. Spray applique fabric and when it becomes tacky, lay it on top of design, press down to securely adhere it, and return hoop to machine. Stitch second thread.

Trim excess fabric away. Return hoop to machine and finish stitching design.

Cut excess WSS from guest towel.

Wash away WSS under running water.

Hang to dry � press. Pin front to back, right sides together.

Stitch side seams and press open.

Stitch down seam allowances above hemstitching.

Make a double row of stitching across bottom of towels, above previous hem.

Serge the bottom below the double hem which will cut off the previous hem on towels.

Cut 2 strips of fabric out of a guest towel 4 inches wide by length of towel.

This is for handles. To make handles, fold 1� towards center on each side, press. Fold again and press.

Top stitch the entire length on both sides, press.

Stitch to bag about 4� in from side seams.


Guest TowelsOpium Poppy Applique Flowers
8 poppies flowers, designed in applique technique. 5x7-inch hoops
Water Soluble Backing
Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs