Guest Towel Embroidery

Guest Towel Embroidery
We've tried many way to embroider on guest towels, and the one we prefer the most is ising water soluble backing, that goes away after embroidery is finished.

Here is a small photo-session of this process, which was kindly prepared by Bobbie Berry.

It includes positioning of Victorian Whitework design on a guest towel.

As you may see, the photos are self explanatory:

1. Guest towel is hooped with 2 layers of fabric-look WSB underneath. A print-out of design template is used to hoop correctly, so that the design would be stitched exactly at the desired spot. See more detailed Design Positioning Tips.

2. The hoop is inserted into the machine, and needle gets centered. It should meet the template center mark:

3. Design is embroidered using polyester machine embroidery thread:

4. Once embroidery is finished, the towel is removed from the hoop, the excess of stabilizer is cut away.

5. The remaining backing is dissolved in warm water:

6. The wet guest towel is placed upon a dry bath towel, to dry:

Water Soluble Backing
Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs
Guest Towels