Lavender Guest Towels Project Ideas

Lavender Guest Towels Projects
This lovely pillowcase, adorned with hemstitch and lavender embroidery, was created by Bobbie Berry, our regular contributor of projects. Bobbie, thank you very much!

Bobbie used lavender embroidery design from Lavender Time collection, to decorate the pillow.

The pillowcase was sewn from 2 hemstitch-edged guest towels. And here's the final result:

Construction of pillow with hemstitching placed in the middle of the pillow:

1. First I laid out the linen towels on the pillow form to plan the placement of the embroidery design, and how I wanted the hemstitching to lay across the pillow.

2. I marked the placement of the embroidery design and stitched it.

3. I washed out the WSS (water soluble stabilizer), dried and pressed the guest towel.

4. Next I stitched the front seam joining the two guest towels.

5. I laid the combined towels across the pillow form and turned it over to the back side and marked the buttonhole placement.

6. Next I stitched the buttonholes, then the side seams (right sides together).

7. Next the buttons were stitched in place and I gave it a final pressing and inserted the pillow form. Finished!

This lovely apron, decorated with hemstitch and lavender embroidery, was put together by Bobbie Berry. The apron was sewn from hemstitch-edged guest towels. Here is how it looks:

Construction of apron with hemstitching:

1. Pring design template, and see where exactly you want it on apron (here it was stitched on top of front panel).

2. Stitch design, using water soluble stabilizer. Mark strap position and where to cut-round the apron top.

3. Cut away excess edges, and sew around.

4. Attaching side panels.

5. Attaching adjustable strap.

Happy Embroidering!

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