Guest Towel with Dantela Lace Border

This lovely linen guest towel with standalone lace trim has been accomplished by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thank you so much for the beautiful project!
The lace border was assembled from Dantela Lace border element, that was embroidered three times on water soluble backing. After that, the embroideries have been hand stitched together, and machine sewn to custom-sewn rose linen towel of appropriate size. After attaching the laces to towel, the backing was carefully washed away, leaving a clean and beautiful towel with lace!


Required supplies:
  • Dantela Lace designs
  • Water soluble backing - preferably fabric-type water soluble
  • Temporary adhesive spray
  • Strong poly embroidery thread for the lace design.

    Before you attach the lace to towel, please read the instruction that comes together with lace designs you've purchased. It will explain the process in detailed and easy to understand manner.

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