Holiday in the Kitchen by Sally Red

Holiday in the Kitchen
This beautiful project was kindly contributed by Sally Red, and we publish it without changes, just as provided by the author.

Sally, thank you so much, it's very beautiful and festive!!!

This festive tea towel will certainly put any cook in the holiday spirit! It is simple, elegant and easy to do using the Family Tree 2 Letter Monogram, one of the newest collections and a sure favorite.

Start with a freshly starched and ironed tea towel. Pick pretty red and green polyester embroidery thread and Dark Gold metallic thread.

Mark the center of the towel vertically and then horizontally about eight inches from the bottom towel edge.

Hoop towel and stabilizer together and stitch out the design.

I used a piece of the same satin ribbon from my bow for the center background of the smaller framed initial in my design.

Finish stitching the design and remove the hoop from the machine but leave the stabilizer intact. Stitch seven buttonholes evenly spaced across the bottom of the towel about three inches up.

Carefully trim out the buttonholes and remove stabilizer.

Apply a fray blocking agent to each buttonhole.

Cut two pieces of wide satin ribbon 27 inches long.

Starting from the middle buttonhole, weave the ribbon up and down through the buttonholes to the edge of one side of the towel.

Repeat for other side.

Use a fray blocking solution on ribbon ends.

Turn towel over and tuck ribbon ends under and whipstitch in place or use fusible bonding tape.

On the front side of the towel, tie a pretty bow and let ribbon ends hang freely. Enjoy the compliments!

Guest TowelsPolyester Thread
A Family Tree Font
26 large initials with a medallion & 26 letters which are to be inserted into the medallion. 5"x7" hoop
Metallic Thread