HP - PH Initials Set

HP - PH Initials Set
HP - PH Initials Set
Item# 1-HP-PH-Initials-Set

We've got several requests for making a set of HP monograms - looks like people are anxious to dress up like Harry Potter!

Anyway, hope that you will like our letters, they came out beautiful. So even if you don't like the Harry idea, just pretend to be an HP printer/scanner/copier, or perhaps an all-in-one machine. Have fun!

Available formats: Art, Pes, Hus, Vip, Shv, Dst, Exp, Xxx, Jef

The monograms are for 5x7-inch hoops - a total of 8 2-letter monograms in this set, just like the picture shows.

Many kids would LOVE you for giving them something HP...