Egg Basket Doily - Photos and Instructions by Bobbie Berry

Beautiful Endings Technique
Supplies Needed

30" Square linen fabric
Water Soluble Stabiliser
Pattern paper 14" x 14"
Embroidery design


Make 4 copies of the design to use as templates.

On your pattern paper, draw guide lines horizontal, vertical and diagonally through the center of the paper.

These lines will be used for proper placement of templates.
On templates, draw a line extending horizontally and vertically through the center. Line up the templates as shown in picture.

The diagonal line of the pattern will follow the vertical line of the template and outside corners of the embroidery design will touch outside edges of paper pattern.

This will give perfect placement of the designs. Tape templates in place.

Cut two pieces of WSS large enough to be sure it is visable all the way around and there will be plenty area to hoop the project.

The WSS will remain attached to the entire project until all the sewing is finished.

Make a crease in linen fabric horizontally and vertically through the middle of the fabric...this will assist in properly placing the pattern/templates on the fabric.

Lay linen fabric on top of WSS then center pattern/templates on top of fabric. Pin each template to the fabric and WSS.

NOTE: I placed the WSS diagonally under the linen to give more area for the hooping of the project.

Using the inside portion of your hoop as a guide, center it above template and cut off excess paper on each side of the template so it can be easily removed after the needle position has been centered. Hoop first design aligning with lines on template and pattern.

Roll up right side of project and pin it to keep out of the way while embroidering. Insert hoop in machine and center needle over center of design. Remove template and cutaway that portion of paper pattern inside hoop area.

Stitch first line of embroidery. Remove hoop from machine and trim fabric away from top of design; not cut WSS.

Return hoop to machine and finish stitching design.

Remove hoop from machine. Carefully lay project on table, smooth out and hoop next design.

Continue in same manner until all designs are stitched.

To make connecting side stitches, use an oval plate. Mark a line on the back of the plate so you will have the same curve on all 4 sides.

Draw the curve on the fabric.

Place a row of pins across the line for extra stability.

Stitch a single row across this line two times.

Cut away outer linen fabric from the project.

Do not cut WSS. Use a lint roller to remove short loose threads.

Zig zag stitch on top of previous line (2.5mm width stitch).

Repeat process for each area.

On top of previous stitching, stitch a satin stitch line wide enouth to cover all of previous stitching.

Repeat for each area.

Cut away excess WSS.

Wash away WSS and hang to dry.

Press. Finished.

Lilac Beautiful Endings
2 designs decorated with lilac flowers in Beautiful Endings technique. 5x7-inch hoop.
Water Soluble Backing
Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs